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Children are waiting to hear YOUR story!

You’ve poured your heart into writing a story that will reach the hearts of children. Now it’s time to turn that manuscript into a published book that you, children, and parents can enjoy.

Self-Publishing a Children’s Book

Looking for a Children’s Book publisher can be an intimidating task. That’s why we are here: to give you access to publishers who can bring your Children’s Book to market.

What Our Self-Publishing Firms Provide

The firms we recommend give you:

  • A step-by-step publishing process that makes it easy to get from manuscript to holding your published book in your hand
  • Book availability in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats
  • Online distribution on and other retailers so your book is available to readers across the globe
  • Copyright ownership – the rights to your book always belong to YOU

In addition, the firms we recommend for publishing a children’s book offer options for illustrations and full color, as well as a full range of marketing services. You also retain full creative control over your work.

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Continued Support

The firms we recommend for publishing your children's book provide support for you as an author before, during, and after your manuscript is published. Once you are contacted by one of our self-publishing companies, you will be assigned a publishing consultant who will clearly explain your publishing options. When your book is nearing publication, our companies will discuss marketing opportunities with you as well as discounted rates for purchasing copies of your own book. Our services use print-on-demand technology, which ensures that your book will never go out of print.

Turnaround Time

One reason why aspiring authors choose self-publishing is because of its quick turnaround time. When you are publishing children's stories and want to get them out quickly without giving up professional quality, working with a highly reliable self-publishing company will be your best move.

Publishing children's stories comes with unique editorial and graphic needs. Your book will be assigned to an experienced design team especially trained in how to publish a children's book, with tighter deadlines and a quicker turnaround time. You will have total creative control during the process, and the team will be working closely with you to ensure your artistic vision is achieved.

Of course, the first step must be taken by you. Fill out the form and let’s get started on publishing your children’s book today!